Strategic Decision Support

  • Minimizing Risk

    Strategic decisions are required constantly to make and keep an enterprise successful: Given external developments, how will resources be allocated? Every day, business leaders must deal with threats and opportunities by adjusting operations and adapting the company to a fast-changing environment. Product lifecycles decrease, competitors catch up more quickly, regulatory frameworks expand, and doing business involves multiple cultures.

    Strategic decisions are complex and uncertain as they focus on and impact the future and involve a high degree of risk. That’s where INFO + DATEN comes in to provide high-quality decision support based on strategic intelligence and intelligence analysis.

  • Strategic intelligence is necessary for an enterprise to create its long term strategy and devise the tactics by which it navigates in the business environment.

    Intelligence analysis – the science of deriving projections from known facts – enables enterprises to assess the likelihood of potential events and tune its priorities accordingly.

  • I have worked with Udo and INFO + DATEN for several years now. My experience has been extremely positive; Udo and his company have provided high quality work across the board, something which is rare to find. Udo is a very smart person, and I strongly recommend his services because of the tremendous expertise and work ethic. Udo is honest, reliable and very results-oriented.“ (Fortune 1000 company in the High Tech arena)



Continuous Intelligence Collection

  • Ongoing Surveillance and Monitoring

    Enterprises must engage in a never ending process of „watching“ the environment in which they operate. A professionally designed monitoring system ensures that all the relevant information and data sources are checked regularly so as to alert enterprises to signals that „something may be happening“. INFO +DATEN has designed a proprietary filtering process to hand pick and assess potential information; that process assures clients of receiving a steady stream of „early alerts“ to which they may react.

    Continuous Intelligence Collection monitors intelligence from a comprehensive range of primary and secondary information and data sources (for example, industry expert statements, trade show displays, aerial photography, and social media commentary in additional to scientific and technical databases of professional literature).

  •  I hired INFO + DATEN to perform competitive and market intelligence for the global Intelligence team at SAP. A key area of focus was the SMB market and tracking of key vendors and related channels. Udo Hohlfeld was personally involved, and we worked together for three years. Our profound satisfaction with Udo’s services had us renewing the contract several times.  Udo developed os:MON™ for my team; that tool was highly reliable and insightful with regard to the competition and to SAP and delivered very precise recommendations. Udo’s excellent interpersonal and multicultural skills enabled him to work productively with our international team. It was an excellent collaboration.“ (Fortune 1000 company in the software industry)

  • Intelligence Collection – Intelligence Collection is the process of managing the collection of intelligence from various sources (HUMINT, OSINT, IMINT, SOCMINT, …) via primary and secondary research. It is the basis for Intelligence Analysis.

    HUMINT – Human Intelligence
    OSINT – OpenSource Intelligence
    IMINT – Imagery Intelligence
    SOCMINT – SocialMedia Intelligence