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Protective intelligence – a sound corporate effort

  Artikel verfasst am 29. August 2019

Illegal and legal intelligence efforts targeting the key success factors of companies have long been recognized by relevant publications and security professionals only. Meanwhile, these threats are also gaining awareness in the mind of corporate management, particularly with the extensive number of successful cyber-crime activities. Many are quick to focus their defense on cyber and technology measures only, hardening their IT.

Cyber security is one tool, not THE tool, in the set of means to fend off intruders. The threat does not always come from the outside. Often enough, economic espionage and data breaches happen from the inside: either on purpose or by unawareness. It is the insider threat and social engineering techniques that may not be neglected. Or even overlooked completely. A sound Counterintelligence effort mitigates internal as well as external threats. It covers economic espionage as well as competitive intelligence efforts, and addresses technology as key enabler for any data theft. The basic protective intelligence set-up is first of defensive nature.

Several tasks must be accomplished and measures have to be taken to counter any legal or illegal intelligence gathering effort. The tasks and to-dos for a sound corporate protective intelligence effort may vary from entity to entity. Some should already be a matter of course – but we know, too often they are not. What all entities should have in common though, is the awareness of the threat and that every business owns values that others intend to obtain … in the one way or another. Be prepared.

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