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Middle Eastern powers and their efforts to influence US policy

  Artikel verfasst am 7. Oktober 2019

A key reliable and award-winning source reporting on Middle Eastern powers and their efforts to influence US policy is Al-Monitor’s Lobbying Tracker. Beyond a searchable database it provides registered users with a weekly newsletter dedicated to Middle East lobbying in Washington DC, USA, every Friday evening. Registration and usage is free of charge. I recommend to check it out at Middle East Lobbying Data Source if you want to learn about Middle Eastern powers and their efforts to influence US policy.

Nowadays, the internet is a vehicle to quickly disseminate valuable as well as fake news. There is a lot of competition between reliable and malign content providers to spread their content and catch the attention of the internet community. Of course, malign is not meant to be of an opposite but reasonable opinion but covers all those who on purpose report false facts to manipulate readers and disable them to objectively assess any topic. No matter if you are into Offensive Intelligence or Protective Intelligence activities, reliable sources are key to boost your understanding and strategies. This is why I will write regularly about valuable and interesting secondary resources in my blog. Though my work builds on primary intelligence and HUMINT, I use secondary resources relevant to my projects to educate myself about the background and context of the topics I work on.

Disclaimer: I am not acting and recommending this service on behalf of Al-Monitor. I am not affiliated with Al-Monitor nor receive any compensation from Al-Monitor. It is simply my personal opinion and how I put this offering to use for my work.

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