Strategic Decision Support

  • Strategic decisions are concerned with a company’s operating environment and all its resources including its employees. The decision-making is all about dealing with threats and opportunities, enhancing or limiting the operations, and adapting the company to the ever-changing environment. Product lifecycles decrease, competitors catch-up more quickly, regulatory frameworks expand and doing business involves multiple cultures. Strategic decisions are complex and uncertain as they deal with the future, and involve a lot of risk. INFO + DATEN provides high-quality decision support based on Strategic Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis.

  • Strategic Intelligence – Strategic Intelligence is necessary to create and implement a strategy, typically a grand strategy; it pushes a company towards achieving its objectives by orchestrating a variety of variables in the operating environment.

    Intelligence Analysis – Intelligence Analysis takes known information about variables of the operating environment describing the known, and anticipating future developments of these variables including their level of probability.

  • I have worked with Udo and INFO + DATEN for several years now. My experience has been extremely positive because Udo and his company have consistently provided high quality work across the board, something which is rare to find. Udo is a very smart person and I strongly recommend Udo and INFO + DATEN because of the company’s tremendous expertise, as well as Udo’s work ethics that can be characterized as honest, reliable and very results-oriented.“ (Fortune 1000 company: High Tech)



Continuous Intelligence Collection

  • Developing targeted intelligence is dependent on the quality of the collection process. This process builds a reliable data repository constantly fed with targeted information and data from various sources. The core differentiator of the INFO + DATEN Collection Programs is the smart filtering approach resulting in hand-picked and expert reviewed information focused on your specific intelligence needs.

  • I hired INFO + DATEN to perform competitive and market intelligence for the global Intelligence team at SAP. Key area of focus was the SMB market, key vendors tracking and related channels. Udo Hohlfeld was personnally involved and we worked together during three years 2008-2011. As we renewed several times the contract, it highlights by itself our deep satisfaction. os:MON™ developed by Udo for my team was highly reliable, insightful both on the competition and on SAP to deliver very precise recommendations. Udo has excellent interpersonnal and multicultural skills to collaborate in an excelllent way with our international team. It was an excellent collaboration.“ (Fortune 1000 company: software)

  • Intelligence Collection – Intelligence Collection is the process of managing the collection of intelligence from various sources (HUMINT, OSINT, IMINT, SOCMINT, …) via primary and secondary research. It is the basis for Intelligence Analysis.

    HUMINT – Human Intelligence
    OSINT – OpenSource Intelligence
    IMINT – Imagery Intelligence
    SOCMINT – SocialMedia Intelligence